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Imagine What You Could Do with a Clear, Calm Mind?


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A bar of our handmade Sanskrit Blessed soap, which smells AMAZING!!

(you get to choose your sent)

Here is a Wonderful to help you feel Calm and Clear!

1. The Album "Something Beautiful" will be emailed to you.

2. You will be emailed 2 more acclaimed albums by Shanti Shanti.

3. And a 45 minute beautiful relaxation video of pure Vedic Sanskrit. Guaranteed to give you the best Sanskrit Buzz! 

4. A Bonus AMAZING Soap for your body.

This is phenomenal!!

Find peace through your senses!

A $95.00 value, and all this is yours for only $24.95

Due to the popularity, we have a VERY limited supply of Soaps and CDs! Please ORDER NOW!

Click here to Enjoy this sample of the Sanskrit Video

You are what you listen to, so take control of your life!

You Deserve Something Beautiful!

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We are Shanti Shanti, which means Peace Peace.

We are excited to share with you the best Peace Package with resources that will calm the chaos that rests in us all.

Fill your mind and heart with the truly unique Sanskrit

by Shanti Shanti. 


The sisters of Shanti Shanti combine their inspirational

music along with Sanskrit mantras to bring about an AWESOME experience for their listeners. 


Sanskrit is an ancient language known for it’s magical affects on your mind.

My sister and I, Shanti Shanti, are among the top Sanskrit Scholars in the US. We have taught Sanskrit at the University of Loyola Marymount, appeared on Coast to Coast AM and the Tonight Show. Our mission is to share the magical experience of Sanskrit and our music with the world. 


However, we both have two children each, and crazy - busy households. As life got more chaotic, we noticed that we were just surviving and not really enjoying our lives. Our minds were frazzled, we couldn’t focus and our mental and physically health suffered. 

With things feeling desperate and out-of-control, we turned back to our music and the health practices that brought us peace before we had families.

 No, I am not kidding! We are our own customers! We use our music and Sanskrit ability to bring peace to our own lives and families. 


Huge changes occurred almost immediately and now we want to share this with you! Our minds feel focused and we are not ANXIOUS. 

We are giving you fun, natural resources to bring peace and reduce anxiety in your life.

These are POWERFUL, NATURAL resources to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life and this is an AMAZING offer.

Please take advantage of this and bring peace and joy into your life.

Enjoy this title track to the Album 

Free Sanskrit Meditation Piece! 

If you are not quite ready to buy this package, but want to stay in touch, Enter here to get your free Sanskrit plus we will keep you in the loop on other deals!


Thanks for submitting!

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Music Review

Band Camp Diaries

A winning combination of stunning  

melodies & new age tones,    

"Something Beautiful" by Shanti Shanti  

is soothing & up-lifting for the body, mind and soul.


Deepak Chopra

The precision of their Sanskrit chanting was stunning.The beauty of their voices captivated the audience.


Kimberlee Orenstein

Director of Yoga Loka

I continue to be touched by the magic of their Sanskrit Chants and rich ancient healing  sounds. 

What People Are Saying

A $95.00 value, and all this is yours for only $24.95

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