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Bringing Peace & Joy

The word shanti means peace in the ancient language of Sanskrit. A deep penetrating peace that transcends the tumult of the world around us. Peace can be experienced in different ways for different people. We have made it our mission to provide tools and resources so that you may balance yourself and find peace and joy no matter what is going on in your life.

We hope you enjoy this collection of peace and inspiration through music, chant, and lessons.

Enjoy these tools for bringing about your own peace and joy.
A full course that teaches you how to use sacred sounds to bring about a state of peace and healing. 
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Healing Mantras workshop,
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Music is such a power tool for mental and emotional health. Shanti Shanti's collection of music is renown for its world music feel as they share inspirational messages interspersed with Sanskrit chant.
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Sanskrit is a 5,000 year old root language that originated in India. The chanting, reading and study of Sanskrit has a notable and profound effect on our minds, bodies and soul. It is more than just a language as the experience it has on each of us could be considered almost magical. :)

Shanti Shanti has an amazing collection of authentic Vedic Sanskrit Chanting, meditations, workbook and videos. In addition to new music and videos, we are in the process of releasing lessons and practical uses for the Sanskrit language.

Click here or on the adjoining mantra to learn more about Sanskrit. 
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There are many tools that we can use to reduce stress and balance ourselves against the stresses of life. Spirituality and/or religion are an exceedingly beneficial way to do this; if it is in your nature.  

Our spirituality and our religion are an important part of our practice to maintain our personal joy and clarity. We created a website that contains the artistic elements of our religious practice. If you are inclined, please click on the link and enjoy our collection of music, art, videos, articles and eventually meditations. We had a lot of fun producing the material and hope you find it to be beneficial too.
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Do You Need More Peace?

For most of the years of recorded history, people sought wealth and notoriety, but in these tumultuous times it seems that peace is at the top of most everyone’s list. Most of us have figured out that riches and fame don’t bring you happiness and that peace is where our joy comes from. 


My sister and I have found that while the world is swirling around us like a tornado it is best to be the eye of this storm. There is no sense in getting caught up in the waves of fear that fill the evening news and our social media streams. However, we all need a little help to keep ourselves grounded, clear and be able to access our own joy, no matter what problems present themselves.

When you reside in your soul and allow yourself to connect with God, that peace is overwhelming and wonderful. We are in no position to tell you how to find your peace, but we have some good suggestions as to how to access the space beyond thought and beyond activity that gives all of us access to a deep, penetrating serenity and joy.

Here are some amazing, natural tools that you may find to be helpful to transcend the chaos and confusion of this time. Mental health is very important and we all need some peace on our lives.

We use and have found the following to be very helpful and are offering them to you.


Inspiring music, Sanskrit chanting, Sanskrit instruction, Healing Mantras, a relationship with the divine that we have found in Jesus Christ.

What is the foundation of this knowledge?

 Shanti Shanti has been our musical expression for a long time and with that music we seek to provide you with heart-opening music that inspires and brings joy. We have coupled that with Sanskrit chanting which uses its wonderful pure tones to bring about greater states of mental awareness. 


We have found peace through the refinement of our minds and bodies using knowledge from the Vedas like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. We have found tremendous value in being able to quiet and focus the mind and relax our bodies using the pure tones in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

With our lifetime studies and experience we developed a profound meditation of Healing Mantras that allows you to used select tones in Sanskrit to bring about an incredible focus of your mind and total relaxation of your body. It is design to engage your audio and visually to open your mind up to greater states of awareness and peace.

In addition to Shanti Shanti, we have also designed a new website for you to enjoy hymns, art, articles and meditations in service to Jesus Christ. We have found great peace in His presence and teachings and wish to share that with you, if He is part of your spiritual path.

“They perform with such awareness and precision. Their music brings so much beauty and joy"
Wayne Dyer
“The precision of their Sanskrit chanting was stunning and amazing. 
The beauty of their voices captivated the audience."
Deepak Chopra


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