Sisters, Andrea and Sara, at the ages of 9 and 7 were spontaneously able to read, write, chant and understand the ancient language of Sanskrit. This came as a huge surprise to their parents but they were supportive. They brought their daughters to various university Sanskrit professors to have their daughters unfounded skills checked and verified.

Andrea and Sara's parents, Robert and Linda, always kept a spiritually open home allowing their children to study and learn about other faiths. They were/are also life-long meditators.

Robert was an accomplished musician and produced an album for his daughters to commemorate their love of Sanskrit, to the family's surprise, that album gained in popularity and inspired Robert to produce several more over the years. 

Andrea and Sara's little brother Micah also joined the sisters in the singing and performing. Shanti Shanti kept a busy performing schedule full of concerts, media appearances and workshops for years. The goal of their music and Sanskrit was a give people an experience of peace and joy through their inspiring music and the pure and powerful tones of the Sanskrit language.

Now the sisters find themselves wives and mothers. And in the midst busy family life they wrote and produced their latest album, Something Beautiful. They are always working on videos, songs, and courses in-order to continue to give experiences of peace and joy through their music.

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The Shanti Shanti Movie

"A Culturally Diverse Experience of Consciousness Through Music"

60 minute Exclusive Documentary with an EXCITING mix of performance, interviews, music and Sanskrit!