At this time the story resides with Shanti Shanti as two sisters, Andrea and Sara who are both wives and moms to two children each. They sing, write and produce all of their own music and are also world renown Sanskrit Scholars. However, it is the events  that have brought us here that make this such a fascinating story.

Andrea and Sara's parents, Robert and Linda Forman where members of the TM movement and also exposed their children to many different spiritual paths. Their parents were extremely surprised to find that their daughters at ages 9 and 7 were spontaneously able to read, write and chant Sanskrit. A language that their parents did not know. They had their daughter's unexplained skill checked by Sanskrit professors and Sanskrit Pundits to help them understand this phenomena and to assist in this strange interest of their children. They were extremely impressed and amazed.


Robert Forman was a fulltime musician with many of his own accomplishments. In addition to his career he composed and produced the music for Shanti Shanti until 2009. It was his creative ability

to combine inspirational music with Sanskrit that gave the group their signature sound. They performed countless venues all over the world and recorded 7 albums together. On September 6th 2015 he tragically passed away.

Linda Forman wrote the amazing journey of her family's story in her book "Dreaming in Real Time". She originally came up with the name of this musical expression, Shanti Shanti as she felt it her family singing brought about so much peace that they should be called peace peace, which is Shanti Shanti in Sanskrit.

After the first few albums, the family group expanded to include the sisters' little brother Micah. He added his vocal talent and bass playing to the mix. This created a unique sound and harmonious musical expression.

They appeared on many morning shows in the cities they were making appearances in, as well as radio shows and numerous articles featuring their amazing talent and story. They even appeared on Coast to Coast AM and the Tonight Show.

In addition to being a performing group, Andrea and Sara have taught their Sanskrit workshop all over the country, including the University of Loyola Marymount. Their workshop is a wonderful way start on your own Sanskrit experience. Due to popular demand they wrote and released a Sanskrit Workbook.

The Shanti Shanti Movie

"A Culturally Diverse Experience of Consciousness Through Music"

60 minute Exclusive Documentary with an EXCITING mix of performance, interviews, music and Sanskrit!