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Thank you so much for joining us for this Free Lesson & Special Offer.

Enjoy your experience!  :)

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As children, my sister and I fell in love with the way Sanskrit made us feel. We found that we were spontaneously able to read, write, chant and understand Sanskrit. From this ancient language we experienced tremendous peace, mental clarity and heightened senses. 

Now as adults, with families, when we feel stressed and frayed by life we turn to the ancient teachings and sounds to bring us back to a sense of clarity and joy. We are delighted that we are able to share the mantras and teachings that we use to attain those experiences. These are the tools we use to bring us back to a sense of calm and peace.

It is our wish to share these tools with you. Enjoy this free lesson and please take a look at the special deal with have on our products that are designed to help you feel joy and clarity during your day!

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3 Albums of Sanskrit & Inspirational Music 

  • Something Beautiful  $15.00

  • Dreaming in Realtime $15.00

  • East Meets South $15.00


  • Vedic Sanskrit Video $20.00

  • Gayatri Mantra Video $25.00

  • Gayatri Mantra poster $10.00

Total Value: $100

Special deal:

All this for  


and receive these tools to bring yourself peace and clarity!

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"This music brings you joy and peace"

Eckhart Tolle



Now you can have the Sanskrit and musical experience from Shanti Shanti for a GREAT rate!

Take advantage of this offer, while it lasts.

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