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Secret Healing Sounds 

That have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and intensely raise your energy!

Are you...

  • Stressed out?

  • Suffering from anxiety or depression?

  • Looking to raise your consciousness for an expanded human experience?

Get My FREE Healing Mantras Class

This knowledge is no longer hidden away in the monasteries & temples of the Himalayan mountains. 


We are bringing these sacred sounds to you.

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Liese Fraide

I love these healing mantras! Listening to them calms my anxiety and chanting bring a sensation of happiness. I even find that my sleep is improved if I listen before bed.

Karen Baune

I love the Healing Mantras Course. I have noticed that my pain disappears after vibration level goes up and knocks my pain down.

We're Shanti Shanti

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My sister and I (Andrea and Sara) are looking forward to teaching your Healing Mantras class. 

We have been teaching Sanskrit all over the country for 20 years, this includes including at universities, such as the University of Loyola Marymount in California. We have been on hundreds of media venues including Coast to Coast AM and the Tonight Show. Shanti Shanti has 8 albums in release and a Sanskrit workbook. 

We are constantly being asked to teach Healing Mantras at every venue we appear at because people are using this knowledge for stress management. 

As busy working mothers and wives, we also use these mantras to bring peace to our own families. So please sign up and join us as we share to these secret sounds for your own use in meditation and stress relief.

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