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Welcome to Shanti Shanti's

Peace Page

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This page was created for you!

We have set up a number of resources for free that are designed to entertain you and bring you peace during this time of anxiety. 

Please visit this page ever-so-often as we will be updating it and adding new music, videos and articles for your enjoyment and peace of mind.

May God Bless you!! :)

This is our 8th album and we wrote it specifically to help people feel good! Sara and I felt this was a good time to give it away to folks struggling with nervousness or feelings of isolation.

Enjoy this acclaimed album with its combination of feel-good music and user friendly Sanskrit chanting.


Enjoy this collection of chanting from all 4 Vedas. This is a beautiful collection of chanting. The Vedas are the oldest of Sanskrit writings and are known for the incredible peaceful effect it has on you.


Truth Seekah Podcast: Enjoy :)

Receive a FREE class in Sanskrit Healing Mantras by clicking on the link below. This will add you to our mailing list where we will keep you posted on news, events and new products. You will NOT receive lots of emails from us. We value your time. :) Enjoy! 

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