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Feel Better Now!

Take Control of Your Anxiety & Stress, NOW!


Secret Sounds 

that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Enjoy this special Masterclass!

Healing Mantra Free Class*

Healing Mantra Free Class*

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Special, time-limited offer below!

If you enjoyed this free class, we invite you to purchase the full program for an incredibly profound experience.

  • Reach higher states of consciousness by clarifying your mind.

  • Combat anxiety by giving yourself deep relaxation anytime you need it.

  • A calm mind and body can do amazing things. Give yourself the gift of feeling better 


Sanskrit Scholars, life-time meditators and performers, Andrea and Sara of the music group Shanti Shanti have developed an easy, fun way for you to enjoy the miraculous benefits of the ancient language of Sanskrit. These sisters have researched and packaged selected mantras for you to learn so that you may access this sacred knowledge to improve your mental health and achieve states of deep relaxation.  This special program will give you the tools to create balance within yourself to help you feel a greater sense of peace and joy.


Our minds control our bodies and if we are equipped with the right tools we can calm and elevate ourselves so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Sanskrit is a 5,000 year old language from ancient India that is comprised of pure tones that affect the our minds and bodies therapeutically. This program of Sound Therapy is wonderful in that it puts you in control to be your best self.

No longer is this knowledge hidden away in the monasteries in the Himalayan mountains. We want to bring these powerful secrets to the you.

By learning these mantras, practicing with us, watching the videos and learning about the science behind their power, you have a way to easily bring your mind into a place of coherency, peace and joy!

We created this program for you.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

The Healing Mantras

A Course & Meditation 

  • 6 Instructional and Meditation Videos

  • Over 150 minutes of material 

  • Matching Audio track

  • Workbook

  • Printable poster

  • 45 Minute Video of Vedic Sanskrit 

  • Something Beautiful Album

  • Prayer Beads 

  • Sanskrit Blessed Soap

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The Deal!

$400 Value

Introductory Price

of only $49.95

For a very limited time we are offering you this entire course for


Healing Stone Bracelet.jpg

BONUS Healing stones bracelet included in this special deal! Supplies are limited, so please order soon.


A link to Your course will be emailed to you and you will receive the

Sanskrit Blessed soap, prayer beads & bracelet in the mail shortly.



You can purchase just the digital aspects of the course for $39.95


Digital Healing Mantras.jpg

To order just the digital version of Healing Mantras. Click on the button below.

"Wow! I really loved it! I was totally relaxed at the end. Seriously, I don't think I've been that relaxed in a long time!"

~Meredith Michel

"I love these healing mantras! Listening to them calms my anxiety and chanting bring a sensation of happiness. I even find that my sleep is improved if I listen before bed."

~Liese Fraide

"Very mindful! It filled my soul with a calming strength and peace. It gave me goose bumps."

~Gary and Laurie Sevigny

Customer Reviews


"I love the Healing Mantras Course. I that my vibration level goes up and knocks my pain down."

~Karen Baune

I'm in love with he authentic spiritual vibrations and wisdom from both Andrea and Sara

Highly Recommended!

~Prash K

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