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A Happy New Year

Dear Shanti Shanti Friends,

Happy New Year and more importantly let this be a Blessed upcoming year. I hope we all have a year of good health, prosperity and fulfillment. I could feel that the year of 2014 was lighter and had easier access to joy, and I hope this wave continues. I hope that it will be that way for you and your families, as well.

I love the feeling of a fresh New Year. I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, as I am not disciplined enough to get rid of bad habit, and usually find that I will acquire new ones. But I love the idea of a sort-of clock in the universe starting over; being reset. It feels fresh and like the opportunities are endless. I think to myself, what new part of life will I get to journey through? What new parts of my heart will be opened? Life sometimes has a funny way of bringing out the beautiful; sometimes with both tears of joy and pain.

We look forward to being with all of our Shanti Shanti friends in the coming year. We want to hear the exciting and challenging things you are faced with in the upcoming year.

As a gift to you, I am including the track Falling Away. Sara and I wrote it and produced this song. It describes the fresh opportunities of the New Year perfectly. I invite you to really listen to the lyrics. They apply to us all. We wrote it last year when my husband and I were given our beautiful baby boy, and I could feel my old life "fall away" and that it was time "for something beautiful." This is off our new album "Your Light" which is available on iTunes or in the store on our website.

We hope that beauty finds you in many ways this year.

Happy Happy New Year!


Shanti Shanti

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