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Healing Mantras, What Does That Actually Mean?

What are Healing Mantras?

To understand what a healing mantra is we first need to understand what a mantra is. I feel that in our modern culture we have combined the concepts of a mantra and an affirmation. So lets take a moment to look at these two concepts.

The word mantra is actually comprised of two Sanskrit words: “man” meaning the mind or to think, and “tra” meaning an instrument. Together they comprise the concept of an instrument for the mind. Mantra referrers to the repetition of a single sound, word or sentence uttered and repeated out loud or in the mind. A mantra can act as a prayer or simply as a tool or instrument to calm and focus the mind.

An affirmation is an a phrase or word in a language that you understand that helps your mind focus on a certain attribute, like positivity, confidence, love, etc. In contrast, mantras should be in Sanskrit and their significance is on the effect they have on the mind, body and spirit using the vibratory quality of the mantra itself. The focus is not on the meaning, where as in an affirmation, the meaning is the significance.

While all Sanskrit mantras have healing properties, healing mantras consist of very specific sounds selected for their potency. For Shanti Shanti’s course, Healing Mantras, we chose to use bija mantras. Bija mantras are seed mantras and they are simple and the most basic of primordial mantras and are considered very intense and act as an instrument to access higher levels of consciousness.

We selected specific seed mantras and created a meditation music track and meditation video so that people could enjoy the very powerful properties and vibratory qualities of Sanskrit.

My sister and I feel so strongly about the amazing powers of the Sanskrit language that we created a meditation that would give people a quick and gratifying access to the consciousness expanding experience of the ancient language. We felt that these special Healing Mantras are fun and a powerful way to help your mind and body relax, focus and keep anxiety at bay.

We feel so strongly about the affects of our Healing Mantras program that we are giving away a FREE Masterclass where we teach you three of the mantras to use. Here is the sign up if you are interested.

Healing Mantras are so profound in their ability to calm our minds and give us an instant experience of peace and joy. I sincerely hope you try this FREE class and give yourself this gift.


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