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Why Baby Shark??

Last week we released our video project with the kids, Baby Shark. You may be asking yourself, why did Shanti Shanti release this irritating kid's song when normally we release videos about spiritual music, Sanskrit or healthy life-style. After hours of filming, recording and editing....I was asking myself the same question.

Last fall Sara had the idea to capture the kid's hard work on their violins. Our two oldest kids have been playing the violin since they were 3 years old. From a parents perspective, little kids' learning to play instruments is a lot of work. It sounds pretty lousy at first and it is hard to keep them motivated. but of course, they got better! They wanted to learn Baby Shark, so Sara and I figured out an arrangement of that song to make it easy for little, budding violinists. They learned it so well that we thought it would be cute to capture it on a video, so they can see themselves playing when they get older.

How hard can it really be to coordinate four little kids with 4 little violins? Those are famous last words.

After the kids became super comfortable with the song, we filmed the different scenes of them playing, singing and dancing. Kids are so squirmy that it was a little like trying to herd really hyper, happy cats. Crazy and exhausting, but fun!!

Then we realized they have to play to a music track that is in the same key as they are playing in. Also the music track has to be strings based or these little violins will sound out-of-place. We also had to get our husbands to sing dad shark and grandpa shark, etc. Also, Sara and I played our stringed instruments so that they kids had lots of support. So.... I produced the track to give this video that professional feel, even though it is about children.

Putting everything together took up some long nights for me. I was glad to be finished so I could get a full night's sleep.

Now I look at it and am so happy!

Sara and I really, strongly feel that learning an instrument is extremely rewarding, no matter what age you are. If you have kids, it is a great skill to give them and it will benefit them for their whole lives. It is even more fun if you do it with them.

If you want full enjoyment, just play and help your heart express it self. You don't have to capture it on video, unless you want to. :)

Here is the video below, now that you know the full story.


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