Free Sanskrit Music

Click to receive free sanskrit music from the ENHANCE album for your home or business! The new ENHANCE CD by Shanti Shanti has a brilliant blend of music and Sanskrit to bless your home or healing practice. To enjoy the new ENHANCE CD by Shanti Shanti please click here!

A Happy New Year

Dear Shanti Shanti Friends, Happy New Year and more importantly let this be a Blessed upcoming year. I hope we all have a year of good health, prosperity and fulfillment. I could feel that the year of 2014 was lighter and had easier access to joy, and I hope this wave continues. I hope that it will be that way for you and your families, as well. I love the feeling of a fresh New Year. I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, as I am not disciplined enough to get rid of bad habit, and usually find that I will acquire new ones. But I love the idea of a sort-of clock in the universe starting over; being reset. It feels fresh and like the opportunities are endless. I think to myself, what n

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