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Dear Friends,

As the beautiful crisp spring faded, and gave way to the hot and dry summer that we experience in Nevada, I became nostalgic about my childhood. My interest in Sanskrit was renewed every year at the onset of summer time. My mother was always very focused on Ayurveda, the Science of Life, and I loved reading about the difference body-types and all of the neat Sanskrit words. This last month or so, I was reliving how amazing that made me feel and turned heartily back to the Ayurvedic practices of our childhood in an attempt to revitalize my health. Plus with the recent release of our Sanskrit workbook, my sister's and my mind has been re-tuned to the amazing teachings, like Ayurveda, that come form the ancient Sanskrit books.

Since this rekindled interested in the health practices of Ayurveda, I feel so much better. I have better energy and focus, and feel very connected to myself and to the earth. It was never that we stopped following an Ayurvedic lifestyle, but it was not a priority. Now that I feel so much more balanced, this lifestyle will be a priority from now on. Even our grandmother commented on how healthy we seem. Sara and I are supportive partners and help motivate each other.

We found a book that we just love by Dr. Robert Svoboda called Ayurveda for Women. It is amazing! It has so many helpful tips for busy moms and ladies at all different stages in our lives. I highly recommend it. Dr Robert Svoboda has written a number of other really good books on Ayurveda that I would recommend also. If you are looking for more balance and better health, please check out his books. They are available on amazon.

I will leave you with a Vedic Sanskrit selection that is for good health, vitality and a happy full life. The title, Ayu means life and suktam refers to this type of scriptural prayer.

May we all be blessed and have a healthy summer!

Andrea Santos Shanti Shanti

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