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The Big Pie

Hello my dear friends,

This summer has been crazy!! We finally finished our album after working on it for 10 years. Just a note, it is really hard to write and produce an album while getting married, managing health issues and having 4 kids (between my sister and myself). I never appreciated all the free time and energy I had before I had a family to take care of. We don't mind the slower pace; we just have to be patient and let things happen when they can.

After a tremendous push, we finally got our new album "Something Beautiful" released. We are so pleased with it. It is a true artistic expression from our hearts. Sara and I feel like we gave our best and truest expression and that we can reach a lot of people. It is pure love and delight. (You can click on the album image to purchase it. It is also on amazon and iTunes.)

In addition to the release of the new album, we released our new video, Something Beautiful and then did a charity release gala as our CD release party. So lets just say that our summer was very productive!

We are so pleased with the wonderful reviews and feedback we are getting. However, there is something else are noticing too. There is a lot of jealousy too. I am shocked to even be saying this. People who are in completely different industries, or are successful in their own way, are expressing very vicious and petty comments. Sometimes I feel like I am in high school again. This is so weird to us. We have always felt that their is enough success for us all to have some, and that we need to cheer each other on.

The pie is huge and there is enough for you too!

Our good friends would never be anything but celebratory with us, but for those you see out there being petty or unsupportive of you, remind them that there is enough success in the universe for them too! I think the biggest problem is that everyone is so busy looking at what their "neighbors" (whether it is on social media or in person) are doing that they are not getting busy doing their own work. I must say to you, focus on your own work, and get busy making your own expression for the world. It can be something big or small. Be sweet and supportive of your friends and acquaintances, so that they will do the same for you. There is enough for us all!

One reason jealousy is a sin, is because it is ugly! Be "Something Beautiful", in your own way and go make your mark.

I hope you have a moment to listen to the new album. Play it while your work. It is very motivating!! You can purchase it on our website, or down load it on any digital platform.

Peace, blessings and good luck to you!!

Andrea Santos

Shanti Shanti

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