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Shanti Shanti Ghost Story

Sara and I recorded a fun video that contains true ghost stories and tips as to how to clear the energy in your home or environment. These are tips that we have used and continue to use to create a peaceful and healthy environment.

Event though we are talking about the super-natural here....these tips can be used to clear the energy of any home in order to attract more positive energy.

1. clean, clear, bright environment

2. fresh flowers

3. good smells from incense or scented candles

4. good vibes from positive and prayerful music

5. chant and prayer also create good vibes in the home and attract positive energies.


1. drugs

2. violence

3. darkness or negativity

4. dirty environments

5. Ouija boards

6. don't invite spirits or negative energies in

This is a good general template to create a happy, healthy, spirit-free environment.

Peace and Blessings,

Shanti Shanti


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